Fishing in Townsend

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If you’re looking for a fishing adventure in the Smoky Mountains, Townsend offers some great options. Your family can fish for rainbow and brown trout in the Little River, which cuts through Townsend and later runs into the Tennessee River.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park permits fishing year-round in all streams, but you must possess a fishing permit. The park hosts more than 750 miles of trout fishing, many of which are accessible through hiking trails to a quiet area.  Fishers are limited to five trout (rainbow, brook or brown) and up to 20 rock bass a day. If you’re planning a fishing trip within the park, make sure to follow all of the proper guidelines.

A great place to fly fish in the park, a 20-minute drive outside of Townsend, is Abrams Creek. It holds large rainbow trout, thanks to the abundance of nutrients. If you want to reel in some smallmouth fish, head to the East Prong of Little River.

Below is an outfitter where you can purchase or rent any fishing materials you may need.

Little River Outfitters & Fly Fishing 106 Town Square Dr (865) 448-9459

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