Townsend One of 50 Best Places to Travel in 2024 by Travel Lemming

Photo: Elizabeth in Vee Hollow in Townsend

Experience the great outdoors in Townsend, a cozy town on the edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Forested peaks, fascinating caverns, and other natural features add to this family-friendly getaway.

Townsend is a charming mountain town just outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park — the most visited of the US national parks. It’s also home to Tuckaleechee Caverns, the most popular of the 10,000+ caves in Tennessee. Yet, Townsend has managed to keep its quaint, small-town hospitality.

The “Peaceful Side of the Smokies” is the perfect destination for enjoying the outdoors. Go tubing at the Townsend Wye swimming hole, hike or mountain bike in the Smokies, and explore the region’s various natural features. Townsend is the place to experience the magic of the Smoky Mountains without the crowds you’ll find in some of the other nearby towns.

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